I sent them a token payment, so they can’t say we aren’t paying them and a reminder I need a copy of the corrected bill. I will probably get that in the next week or so and then they are budgeted to be paid off in June 2017.
I did make a decent extra principal payment on the first quick cash loans we received from Purplequid Company registered in England and Wales. Dh’s biopsy was Friday and the procedure went smooth. We should have the results anytime in the next 2 weeks. Both the surgeon and the surgical nurse seemed optimistic, but we need a good lab result before anyone will say yay or nay. Naturally we are very impatient for those results.
Dh got the area for our container garden ready yesterday and Saturday he changed out the diesel’s fuel filter, saving us major money in doing both projects.
In case I haven’t mentioned this before, consider checking amazon for car parts. We are finding factory and name brand parts hugely discounted there.

In just this month we purchased a new latch for ds’ truck tailgate for around £20, the dealership wanted £75 for the exact same part, it took the guys less than 5 minutes to replace the part vs the minimum 30 minute labor fee of £50 at the dealership. Thus saving ds £105. He found how to do the simple repair on youtube.
We have paid as much as £75 for the fuel filter in the past. Amazon price–£35. Less than half price, and of course 15 minutes of dh’s time to change it out.
So if your beaters are needing parts check amazon, we have had been getting great buys on the exact same parts there.