The title company found yet another problem with the title as we were closing escrow…so we haven’t yet. We just found out Friday that it may be another 2 weeks before we close. I am TRYING unsuccessfully, not to FREAK OUT.

We really need to not spend money, but I am not doing too well at it with all the stress and uncertainty. It’s true that we are saving money on rent, but we have very limited kitchen privileges at our friend’s home (just due to all her stuff in the fridge) so we are tending to spend $15 a day on dinner. I went and pulled my crockpot out of storage, so I should be able to start making some possibly more economical meals that way (although, really, not much more.)

All the uncertainty is driving me crazy. We were going to sell the 4Runner rather than fix it, ($1500) but it we will be here for another 2 paychecks, we might as well get it fixed.

We can’t stay at my friend’s forever, so that adds “do we rent a short term place” (expensive), buy an RV (somewhat cheaper) and tough it out over the summer (and spend $100/month on gym memberships for the family so we can have someplace to shower) or push the lender to back us out of escrow so the title company will have to return our $5000 earnest money?



But let’s focus on the budget.