Last week saw the demise of all the medical bills except the 3 stooges

I sent them a token payment, so they can’t say we aren’t paying them and a reminder I need a copy of the corrected bill. I will probably get that in the next week or so and then they are budgeted to be paid off in June 2017.
I did make a decent extra principal payment on the first quick cash loans we received from Purplequid Company registered in England and Wales. Dh’s biopsy was Friday and the procedure went smooth. We should have the results anytime in the next 2 weeks. Both the surgeon and the surgical nurse seemed optimistic, but we need a good lab result before anyone will say yay or nay. Naturally we are very impatient for those results.
Dh got the area for our container garden ready yesterday and Saturday he changed out the diesel’s fuel filter, saving us major money in doing both projects.
In case I haven’t mentioned this before, consider checking amazon for car parts. We are finding factory and name brand parts hugely discounted there.

In just this month we purchased a new latch for ds’ truck tailgate for around £20, the dealership wanted £75 for the exact same part, it took the guys less than 5 minutes to replace the part vs the minimum 30 minute labor fee of £50 at the dealership. Thus saving ds £105. He found how to do the simple repair on youtube.
We have paid as much as £75 for the fuel filter in the past. Amazon price–£35. Less than half price, and of course 15 minutes of dh’s time to change it out.
So if your beaters are needing parts check amazon, we have had been getting great buys on the exact same parts there.

So i set up a “known” expenses budget

Wow. Even without paying $2000 a month in rent, it’s ugly. I honestly don’t know how we managed before (other than I was working.) It is sad that we are still so upside down.

I’m starting to think that the drama with the house is so that we can live rent free for a month and get our act together financially. At least, that’s the way I’m going to look at it. We were so tight financially when I had to quit working when DD18 got sick that I never realized how tight it really was.
Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

With all the title problems

loan problems etc I would say bail on this property too many bad omens. Push the company to get your deposit back. Budget, in your situation that is going to be a toughie, so you are going to have to come up with a living arrangements plan. If you go with an RV and stay at a decent campground you will have showers and a bit more convenient than going to a gym to do so. Plus you could cook all your meals. But then there is the tag, title insurance etc involved with an rv, plus finding one that will be comfortable for the entire family.
Short term living hotel, could get expensive and be unsettling. Six months lease on another house it all has its problems. Back to all the old pros and cons type list because until you figure out housing you really can’t do a truly accurate budget.

So…more on the moving saga

The title company found yet another problem with the title as we were closing escrow…so we haven’t yet. We just found out Friday that it may be another 2 weeks before we close. I am TRYING unsuccessfully, not to FREAK OUT.

We really need to not spend money, but I am not doing too well at it with all the stress and uncertainty. It’s true that we are saving money on rent, but we have very limited kitchen privileges at our friend’s home (just due to all her stuff in the fridge) so we are tending to spend $15 a day on dinner. I went and pulled my crockpot out of storage, so I should be able to start making some possibly more economical meals that way (although, really, not much more.)

All the uncertainty is driving me crazy. We were going to sell the 4Runner rather than fix it, ($1500) but it we will be here for another 2 paychecks, we might as well get it fixed.

We can’t stay at my friend’s forever, so that adds “do we rent a short term place” (expensive), buy an RV (somewhat cheaper) and tough it out over the summer (and spend $100/month on gym memberships for the family so we can have someplace to shower) or push the lender to back us out of escrow so the title company will have to return our $5000 earnest money?



But let’s focus on the budget.

I was just figuring up what

I have paid and paid off since I started listening to Mark.. about 6 months now. Here’s what we’ve done:

Paid off City Taxes – $268.00
Paid off Personal Property Tax – $1057.00
Paid $400 towards State Taxes – owe $600 more
Paid $700 towards IRS – we owe a ton more, but our tax return should cover it. We’ll continue to pay $100 a month towards it to help slow the penalties and interest.

BUT – that’s $2425 we’ve paid in 6 months!!!! WOW! About half of this is due to my working at Red Lobster part time. I plan to have our state taxes paid off by the end of the year as well as the Sales tax and license on my car.